Funeral Cover in Namibia

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N$ 50 000

Funeral benefit

N$ 200 000

Life cover


Family members on one policy


Years of age

48 Hours

Claims process

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NamBob funeral cover in Namibia

Have you ever considered how your family will be able to afford your funeral? The last thing you want to do is to leave your family a legacy of debt. And, as a family member, you want to be able to pay your respects properly, giving your loved one a respectful and dignified send-off. But the costs of a funeral can add up quickly, even if it’s the simplest of send-offs.

That’s why we expanded our service offering to include funeral cover for Namibians.

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Why get funeral insurance?

Death is something that we can’t predict. The loss of a loved one can be emotionally overwhelming, with so many decisions and arrangements to be made. Added to the personal distress is the financial stress involved in planning a funeral. Taking out funeral cover eases this burden.

Taking out funeral cover means paying a monthly premium (as the policyholder) into a funeral insurance policy. In the event of the death of the insured, a specified amount will be paid out to the family to go towards funeral costs.

As a Namibian citizen, you can take out a funeral insurance policy with NAMBOB to ensure that you and your loved ones get a decent, dignified send-off without the financial stress.

Benefits of NamBob funeral cover

  • Cover up to N$ 50 000 for funeral insurance benefit
  • Additional life cover of up to N$ 200 000, without any underwriting
  • Cover for up to 24 family members on one policy
  • Whole life cover, guaranteed to remain in force for the insured’s entire lifetime
  • Get all funeral component premiums back at the claims stage, applicable to the main member and partner’s contribution
  • Maximum entry age of 75 years
  • Cover starts immediately for accidental death
  • Claims are processed within 48 hours

Optional extra benefits

  • Funeral cover for your partner, children, parents and other relatives
  • Cover of up to N$2 000 for your family’s monthly expenses for up to two years after you pass away
  • Cover the cost up to N$10 000 for the unveiling ceremony
  • Up to N$250 000 lump sum when you or your insured partner passes away

What you need to know about our funeral insurance

Funeral cover criteria

Namibian citizen or a permanent resident.

Between the ages of 18 and 75.

Have a bank account.

Who can be covered for the funeral cover benefits?

The following relationships to the main insured person are eligible to be covered for the funeral insurance benefits:

Additional children
Extended family

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About NamBob funeral insurance

We’ve partnered with Hollard to add funeral insurance to our business and provide access to affordable funeral insurance products in Namibia. This ensures that our customers can provide a dignified funeral in line with their traditions and wishes.

By reaching out to communities countrywide with affordable funeral cover, NAMBOB have become a true one-stop-shop funeral solutions company, allowing customers to make affordable provision for a proper burial for their loved ones as well as financial aid during their time of loss.

Our aim is to make our policies and funeral solutions more accessible to our customers. From now on, everybody will be able to go to NAMBOB and get a policy underwritten by Hollard, making the process smoother and simpler for the people of Namibia.

Why choose NamBob funeral cover?

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